"There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who, thanks to their art and their intelligence, transform the yellow spot into the sun."
-Pablo Picasso
Giselle and Zach

There was a beautiful energy throughout the day with the couple, their family and friends-a truly joyous affair. The ceremony at Queen of All Saints followed by an elegant yet fun filled reception at Cafe LaCave. Bravo!

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Cakes and Sweets CS Event at Dilly Lily

Dilly Lily, one of Chicago's premier florists hosted a delicious event featuring cakes and sweets by some of the top bakers and confectioners. Whether planning for a wedding, special event or just a special treat, there was something for every sweet tooth.

Dilly Lily 742 W Fullerton Pkwy Chicago, IL 60614 773-404-0602 www.dillylily.com

Jackie James: j2@mymojuba.com Janet Lee: contact@flourcakeandpastry.com
Keli Fayard: vanillecakes@gmail.com Lindsay Shepherd: mollysweddings@gmail.com
Mary Winslow: ttcetc@sbcglobal.net
Sue Anne Copeland: weddings@bittersweetchicago.com
Sarah Levy: sarah@sarahscandies.com

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Amanda & Tyler

It was such a pleasure to meet Tyler and take his first professional photos! His mom is one of my all time favorite brides. It looks like Tyler is going to be a big boy like his dad!

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Published in Sea Ray Living! Anyone own a plane?
Hotel Orrington celebrates!

Director of Catering at the Hotel Orrington, Glenn Griffith, hosted a gala evening attended by Chicago's top party planners and consultants. It was a pleasure to be a part of the evening! If you are planning an event, contact Glenn: 847.563.4972 x7262 glenng@hotelorrington.com

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LaCour Brother's Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to my handsome sons. Sebastian is 2 today and Benjamin turned 4 on Saturday. The greatest joys of my life!

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Rebekah & Dennis

Fabulous wedding at Holy Name Cathedral and the Palmer House. The hotel defines old world glamour. Rebekah looked like a vision in her designer gown and the intimate Red Lacquer room provided a beautiful setting for the celebration where Jane Himmel coordinated the evening.

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baby Gianna

I was honored to take the lovely Gianna's baptism photos for proud parents Lisa and Rob.

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It is such a privilege to be a part of the most special moments of my clients lives. Such was the case at the Deligiannis family's baptism of their beautiful daughter. I always enjoy being around babies and it reminds me of my son's, who, although only 2 and 4yr. old seem like such big boys now.

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Darren & Lisa

3...2...1...Happy New Year with Darren & Lisa and 165 of their closest family and friends! Gorgeous wedding at: http://www.cafelacaverestaurant.com/ with the Ralph Wilder Orchestra: http://www.ralphwilderorchestra.com/ A great way to start my year-thatnks D&L!

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Michael & Laura

A beautiful winter wedding at the Inverness Golf Club. Between Michael and Laura they have 10 siblings, so it was a joyous family affair! The club DJ had the party rock'in!

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